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Name~ Bryan "Dexter" Holland
Born in~ Orange County, California
Birthdate~ December 29th, 1966
Age~ 34
Ocupation~ lead vocals and guitar for "The Offspring" - owns Nitro Records
Maritual status~ Married=( to Kristine Luna *Good god she's lucky*
Education~ Has his BS in biological sciences(microbiology) ~ studied at USC
He lives in~Huntington Beach Orange County, CA

"Dexter" was born Bryan Holland in Orange County California on December 29th, 1966.He lived with his parents and siblings.He was the third of four children.He attended Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California.He was really into sports and was on the cross country team.Valdictorian of his class,(which is how he got the name "Dexter")Bryan went onto USC and studied microbiology,which he now has a PHD in.(He also has a pilots licence)Bryan became interested in punk in his senior year when his brother gave him a Rodney on the ROQ compilation album.Bryan and one of his cross country team mate Greg Krisel formed a band in 1984 called "Manic Subsidal" after not being able to get into a Social Distortion gig.

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