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This is some stupid stuff i've heard people say that needs to be shared with everyone else:oř

people i know


*<|xgirl|> i've got seths toothbrush:o he left it in stephs car!
<|sominex|> heh
<|sominex|> now you can put a voodou curse on him
<|xgirl|> yap that's just what i wanna spend my time doing:oř
<|sominex|> thats what i do.
<|xgirl|> splendid!
<|xgirl|> are you gonna curse me cause you have a picture of me and my cat?!:o
\ <|sominex|> yes yes indead. mwhahahahahahaahahah *cough couch*
<|sominex|> cough
<|sominex|> not couch :P
<|xgirl|> haha you couched!
<|sominex|> your just jealous because you didnt couch
<|xgirl|> yeah i am=(

*<|xgirl|> josh i need to tell you something..
<|sominex|> whats that.
<|xgirl|> John Glenn eats Top Blend!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
<|sominex|> yes yes he does.

*<|_devnull|> top blend is some scummy shit -Seth

*<|xgirl|> sister christian haha
<|_devnull|> hahaha
<|_devnull|> night ranger - sister christian
<|xgirl|> thats the funniest shit ever
<|_devnull|> no
<|xgirl|> yu huh
<|_devnull|> john glenn up in the space shuttle, eating top blend on generic bread with rotting bologna is funnier.
<|xgirl|> LMAO
<|xgirl|> you're right!

*"John Glenn eats Top Blend!" - my friend Seth

*Top Blend!!!- me and steph

*How do you work it?I don't know how... - Andy trying to get a money order

people on irc


This is me!
*<||xgirl||> You know what i've always wondered?If you're a siamese you have to pay for one ticket or 2 to get into a concert?!

*<||SiLvErChAiR||> im jennie from indiana
*<|Kandiee|> ok cool
*<|Kandiee|> are u an indian?

*<|halo9|> i'm happy noodle boy.

other funny shit


*buy beer and steal our record- Noodles

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