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~Okay here's the deal,my attempts at making and offspring page are completely pointless.Every single fuckin time I try,it all gets deleted or fuct up.It's pissing me off.I Love the Offspring.The music is great,but unfortunately I'm sick of trying to get this to fuckin work,so I'm just doing a page on Dexter.First off,I have to say "I love this man."I named my cat Dexter after him.I'm sorry to all you people who're anti-Dexter Lovers,but get over it okay? I've liked the offspring since smash,before i even saw Dexter.So don't attack me alright?If you do have a problem, you can fuck off and die and if not then email me and i will kill you.=)


~*Last updated 10*4*00~
What's new???

New quotes and whatnot
Happy birthday Dexter!!!!!
we all know dexter's birthday is in 9 days!!!
Finally!I found some time to update..i've got another fan comment on the thanks section and a couple more dexter pictures are up but i can't keep putting more on running out of space!
added thanks to Dexter Fans page...because they deserve one..
added stupid quotes and whatnot
Another of my offspring concert review up 14*4*99
New Dexter and Offspring pictures up 14*4*99
Removed Dexter's yearbook picture cause of all the bitching.
I'll have new Dexter pictures up pretty soon...working on my other webpage at this present time..
New Dexter pictures..*15*2*99*
Dexter is in this months circus along with a nice interview with Noodles and a good picture of him too
Dexter is on the cover of the march issue of spin
Finally the Unofficial Dexter Holland Fanclub is getting started.There's a mailing list for all Dexter fans over the age of 13.(basically cause little teenies bother me)Just click on Unofficial Dexter Fanclub at the bottom and all the instructions are there.Come on join it!After I get about 10 people i'll start something with it..DON'T LIKE IT??FUCK YOU!
New Dexter pictures being put up tomorrow..
More new Dexter pictures *23*2*99*
Offspring song lyrics for all 5 albums coming soon!
New Offspring and Dexter pictures*12*2*9*
Could this Dexter Holland Page be turning into an offspring page??Quite possibly it could be...check back and find out!

take my banner and link me!!!!!please!?!?!

Who is Dexter Holland?

Dexter pictures

The Offspring

Pictures of the Offspring

Unofficial Dexter Holland Fan Club(mailing list)

Thanks to Dexter Fans

Who am I?

Stupid quotes and whatnot

My other page
you can read my concert reviews here

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~*This page created Decmeber 29th,1998.That's right boys and girls on Dexter's Birthday!*~