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Okay this is my collection of Dexter pictures.I ganked most of them from other pages,alot of them came from and I'd really like to thank whoever put them there cause they're great!

Alright lemme define my definition of "collection" it means the the pictures that I've found on the bloody internet.SO if they're from YOUR page and you have this huge problem where you're ready to go into convulsions because I have one of "YOUR" pictures up then email me ONCE!Explain the problem without bitching me out and whatnot say you'd like me to remove the picture.Don't have all your little buddies email me a bunch of BS cause that's fucking retarted!Sorry to RIO who obviously wanted to kill me for putting dexter's highschool yearbook picture up here even though i didn't get it off of HER page and i didn't see her disclaimer before i had it up here.So people don't asume i'm a bad person cause i have one of 'your' pictures up here..THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE FUCKING DAY!

Or am I the only one who does that?

Dexter just standing around lookin hot
Hi Dexter
Dexter singing
Dexter singing again
Dexter singing-nice braids
Dexter and the crowd
Playing guitar and singing
He's got 2 funny shirts on,I think he should take them both off
Old picture probably from high school.He's drinking something
Sooo cute!He's sleeping on his knee..he could sleep on me
singing-orange tint background
Listening to someone talk
Bending his finger back for the camera(not shown)
laughing again
My favorite Dexter picture.Great smile!
Dexter at Big day out
Big day out again
Jumping and LOOK!You can see his cute stomach
Good live picture-singing
Take it off,baby!hehe
Dexter with the guy who says some stuff on some of the offspring albums
Dexter singing and playing guitar
Smile dexter!
Lookin good!
good live picture
He's got funny zippers on his pants
Great live picture
good clear picture-singing
another good one
just Dexter...with sunglasses
Good one.I have this on my bedroom wall
Great live one.Cute braids
sunglasses and hat
live-yellow tint
singing-in the sun
All I Want video
Live with a comment in the corner
Really cute live one
black and white live
Oh I love this man!He doesn't match!I hate matching clothes!
Says something in German
Fuckin cool coat!
good live one
cute black and white one
haha tight 80s jeans!Cool.
good live one
Good one.Dexter all spiffed up
live-red tint
cute in vandals shirt
Cute sweet
Dexter and jello Biafra
Dexter and crowd
Dexter live
nice coat dex..
Dexter's back
Cute dexter...says nitro at bottom cover of a bootleg i think
Dex live
Dex singing and playing
live at same show as ^
Good dex picture from MTV
dex live
dex in black and white
dex live
old dex picture
old picture of dex
in shorts
shorts again
all sweaty.....yummy
cute picture
cute one
kick ass live picture
another kick ass live picture
God damn he's fuckin hot!
live and yummy
yummy again
Dex in a purple suit that i think he should take off
what a cutie
live-kinda bad picture..
live-good and sweaty
doesn't he have great eyes?
close up
good picture
Dex with water gun
good live one
playing live
Dexter live
Dexter live again
such a cutie!
Dex with a water gun
live,his hair looked good
b+w live
cute smile
Dexter close up mmmmm
b+w really good picture
good picture
dex crowd surfing
b+w singing
dex live
I want his coat...him too
all i want video
yummy dex live
dex live
dex live again
dex from hit parader
dex live
dex singing
dexter w/ some people
dex live
dex live again
dex live (Greg's behind him)
dex singing live
Isn't he a cutie?
dex and chris
dex dancing in I choose video
dex-I choose
I Choose
I Choose
I Choose
I Choose again
This is a really great video(Dex directed it too)
He looks really good in it
Sexy Dexie(am I wrong?)
of course not!
Look at this man!
He's fuckin hot!
I worship him...and i want some of his socks
dex from self esteem video
dex from Pretty fly vido(he looks great in it)
He's got the best eyes in the world..
wish he wasn't married..
dex bending his pinky finger all the way back..ouchie..i tried that..DO NOT try this at home!
Dexie looks dead!
from MTV or somethin
singing live
Dexter singing (from the star profiles booklet)
from the star profiles
star profiles again
singing and playing guitar
cute b+w picture
star profiles
from circus magazine
star profiles
cute live one when he had braids
singing live
singing again
star profiles
star profiles again
and again
live again
fucking star profiles again
singing live
singing again
and again
on the cover of KERRANG!
singing again

DO I have 2 or more of the same picture up here?FUCK!Well email me and tell me if i do please

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